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Reptilian Confrontation - Nuevalos, Spain

I received the following encounter report several years ago:

Hello - I would like to tell you about an experience I had in 1954 while working with the US Naval engineers at Zaragoza Air Base near Zaragoza, Spain. This was to be a refurbished NATO facility. I was a contractor (24 yo & working my father's construction firm) and hired by the DoD. This was my 1st time away from the United States. I had another fellow with me who had worked for my father for a couple of years.

Only a few people knew of my experience - my wife (who is deceased) and two close friends (who have also passed away). I have read some of the stories of other people you have published. I thought that I could add my story to the record.

After I had been in Spain for several weeks, I decided to take in the surroundings. I was told by some of the locals that the Monasterio de Piedra near Nuevalos would be an excellent place to visit. The monastery was about 60 miles away, so I decided it would be an enjoyable day trip. When I arrived, I met a young lady who offered to show me around the complex. It was a very hot day (early August) so we took numerous breaks along the way.

As the afternoon waned and the early evening approached, it was time for me to head back toward Zaragoza. The young lady mentioned that there was an very nice inn not far from the monastery if I wanted to stay the night, then get an early start in the morning. So I decided to stay the night - maybe do some exploring that evening.

The inn was very rustic, though quite comfortable. I had dinner outside on the back patio - it was an excellent evening. Though it was dusk, I could still see the terrain not far from the inn. There was a vineyard and a small lavender meadow behind the inn which led to a series of rocky outcrops. I thought that I would take a look around, but I first asked the owner if it was OK to do so.

I walked through the vineyard and reached a small pond, which had a loud chorus of frogs. By this time it was dark, but there was a fair amount of available moonlight - but I still needed a flashlight to see where I was going. I walked around the pond and started to cross a small bridge over a narrow stream. As I walked over the bridge, I noticed something run through the water about 50 ft. upstream. There was enough moonlight to where I could make out an upright shape. This thing was heading toward the high rocks, though I lost sight of it.

I stood silent for about 5 minutes. It was eerie because the frogs were now quiet. The only sound was coming from the direction of the rocks - and the noise was very strange. It sounded like a guttural 'yak yak yak' series, that would pause for a few seconds, then repeat. It would also fade in and out. After a few minutes, it stopped. I had no idea what it was.

I crossed the bridge and started to slowly approach the rocks. As I came to the rock face, there was a fairly well-worn trail on the ground along the edge. I walked further until I reached an opening in the rock face. I pointed the flashlight inside and saw that it was a grotto about 15 ft deep and high enough for me to stand in. The floor of the grotto was littered with small animal bones, so I figured that there were predators about - most likely fox.

I continued on the trail until I heard the 'yak yak yak' sound again - and it was very close. I instantly stopped walking and started searching around me with the flashlight. Just then, some gravel landed on me - and the loud 'yak yak yak' sound was coming from above me. I quickly looked up and pointed the flashlight. There was a creature standing on a small ledge about 15 ft. away, staring at me with yellow eyes reflecting back. It was screaming 'yak yak yak' in quick constant rhythm.

This was the most ghastly thing I've ever witnessed. It was standing on two legs and was about 4 -5 ft tall. I've read about Reptilian encounters on your blog - well, I think this may have been one. It was dark in color and had arms like a human. The face looked like that of a lizard - resembling that of an iguana.

After a few seconds it leaped off the ledge onto the trail - swiftly running on 2 legs in the opposite direction. It was then that I noticed a long tail as it moved away from me.

I quickly made my way back toward the inn - and directly to my room. I laid in bed thinking about this creature the entire night. I was terrified to look out my window, fearing that it followed me back to the inn.

Early in the morning I checked out and drove back to Zaragoza. I have no proof to my experience other than my word. But I now believe that this was a Reptilian creature. H.Y.

NOTE: Here is link and other similar humanoid encounters in Spain - Reptilian Encounter - Valencia, Spain.


Location/Date: Bobadilla Air Base, Malaga, Spain - 1976 - night

While guarding an ammunition depot near a freight train a military guard observed a strange figure about 1.20 meters in height, black in color that was moving over the train tracks in a very quick and agile manner. Two guards approached the figure and pointed their rifles at it and it suddenly turned around and stared at the two men with two large bright red glowing eyes, it jumped up into the darkness and disappeared. Other soldiers at the base had seen a similar figure around the same time and strange objects over the area had also been reported.

One night, in the same base a soldier was given the task to guard a metallic cage, which contained a weird reptilian creature that emitted strange, grunting sounds. One night while standing duty a dark helicopter landed and three military personnel exited the craft, these proceeded to pick up the cage with the humanoid and left immediately. The guard described the humanoid as resembling a “reptilian penguin” with strong jaws and claws. It was about 40 cm in height. The guard observed that the helicopter lacked any identifiable markings on it.

Source: Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista & Rafael Cabello Herrero


Location. Madroñera, Caceres, Spain
Date: April 1 2012 Time: 04:30-05:00

Carlos Rivera, a member of the folkloric musical ensemble ‘Medina Azahara’ was returning from a concert on the N-432 road in a mini-van on his way to Cordoba accompanied by two band technicians (three men in total). Carlos, who was sitting in the passenger seat next to the driver, suddenly at a location about 15 kilometers from Zafra (Badajoz) saw coming out of the embankment only a couple of meters on the right side of the road a strange humanoid figure that approached the passenger side window where Carlos was sitting and briefly looked inside at the astounded witness. The humanoid was described as about 2 meters in height, very thin with a ‘quasi-skull-like face’. Its lower jaw was open widely displaying a huge cavernous mouth; it also had luminous dark yellow eyes. It had something thick wrapped around its neck, like a ‘lifesaver’ and was moving its head in a circular motion almost as if it were ‘stretching’ its neck, at the same time the rest of its body seemed to tremble. It wore a white tunic-like garment that reflected the headlights of the van. The driver panicked and accelerated from the area while Carlos watched as the strange humanoid disappeared in the same direction it had come from.

Source: Type: E

The Secret History of the Reptilians: The Pervasive Presence of the Serpent in Human History, Religion and Alien Mythos

Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind's Reptilian Past

Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures: A Study of Subterranean Mysteries in History, Folklore, and Myth

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Lea's Ordeal

Most of the following account was forwarded to me in the mid-1990s. I'm not sure how much of it has been printed elsewhere, though I do know that alien abduction researchers Budd Hopkins & David Jacobs were aware of this case at some point. I found the transcript among some old notes in recent years:

The nightmares wouldn't stop...the sudden, bizarre, unsettling nightmares. They were always the same; they seemed almost real.

Lea was sitting in a booth in a small, empty room with gray walls. A monotonic voice behind her said: "Don't move, or you might be hurt."

She felt paralyzed. She heard clicking noises, like an X-ray machine. Suddenly she was lying on a table. A bright light shone in her eyes. She sensed people moving around, examining her.

Then she was sitting up, facing a short creature so hideous she could not look at its face. From a box the strange being removed a shiny needle. At the tip was a silver marble. The creature moved closer toward Lea.

At that point Lea would jerk awake in her bed, terrified and drenched with sweat. Her screams would awaken her parents. But her mother, Lea recalls, would always admonish her: "It's just a nightmare. Everybody has them. You shouldn't watch all that scary stuff on TV."

Lea now believes it wasn't just a nightmare. She believes it was real. She is one of the people whose stories you might expect to see in a supermarket tabloid under the heading "Humans Who Believe They've Been Abducted by Aliens."

When she recounted her story in 1993, Lea lived in Prince George's County, MD, worked at a bank and was engaged to be married. She was thin with blue eyes. She was, in her words, average-looking and average in every way. Knowing that most people react with scorn and ridicule at the mention of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, she asked that her last name not appear with her story.

"I used to think I belonged in a mental institution, to be honest with you," she says. "But I don't think anymore that I'm crazy. I go to school. I work full time. I pay my bills like anybody else...I think other people think I'm crazy."

The subject of abductions by otherworldly beings is so far-out, so utterly fantastic that most people, even today, cannot begin to fathom it. Many will not take it seriously. It is unbelievable, unthinkable. Imagine how Lea felt in 1993.

What's really happening? No one knows for sure. But one thing is clear: Something has shattered Lea's and others' calm, secure existence on planet Earth. Whether the rest of us accept or reject their stories is irrelevant. We cannot assuage their fear: It is palpable. The torment is real.

Lea's began while she was in the fourth grade. She remembers clearly:

She was outside her apartment in Prince George's County playing with her sister and other children. It was dusk. They heard a hum, or a buzz, like a swarm of bees. They saw a disklike object...wingless, silver-gray, a row of lights along the edge, creep at treetop level over the apartment complex. It hovered above a parking lot between buildings, and then drifted away.

Lea and her sister ran inside to tell their parents. The girls even drew pictures.

"My father wanted to call somebody," Lea says. "But my mother said no, we'd made it up. But all of us saw it. We talked about it for days at school."

Shortly after that, Lea says, the recurring nightmare began. She dreamed it on and off for a decade, from when she was 10 until about 20.

Dreams are only part of her story. When she was 12 or 13, she and her sister, who is two years younger, were staying at their grandparents' house in St. Mary's County. They were in separate beds in the same room when a ball of lightning, as Lea describes it, passed through a window and curtain into the room.

About the size of a tennis ball, it glided between the beds, bounced off a door and vanished. A couple of seconds later another lightning ball did the same thing, and then another. Lea says there might have been 20 in all.

For a long time afterward, Lea feared she was losing her mind. But then, five years ago, she and a friend were at a mall outside a bookstore. Lea spotted a display of books, the covers of which featured a drawing of a grotesque creature with big, black, almond-shaped eyes.

The book was Communion: A True Story the writer Whitley Strieber's account of his abductions by aliens. Lea pointed at the drawing and screamed, "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! That's them! That's them!"

They were the creatures in her nightmare.

"That's when it registered," Lea says. "That's when I said: 'Wait a minute. Something's going on here."

It was the first she had heard of abductions by space creatures. She read the book, and then a couple of others on the subject. She became convinced that the terrifying events...the nightmares, the night of the lights, perhaps other unexplained events as well...had been abductions.

As we are aware...Lea was not alone. Over the past few decades, hundreds of credible abductees have come forward and detailed their ordeals. The phenomena occurs in various forms and intervals, as Lea was about to find out:

Strange things continued to happen to her. While visiting friends in the West Virginia mountains, she was floated out of the house, taken aboard a spaceship and handed a baby.

It was a boy, with leathery skin, a thin neck and an oversized head with patches of red hair. It had huge eyes, she says, but they weren't coal black like those of the adult aliens. They were blue.

"I don't know why, and I know this sounds strange," Lea says in a voice trembling with emotion, "but as soon as I held him in my arms, I knew he was mine. I felt like I was his mother."

She rocked him and talked quietly to him, she says, as several aliens watched. Lea hesitates and says, almost apologetically: "I know this doesn't make any sense."

Even though she had trouble sleeping and often felt as if she was being watched, she says she "kind of gotten used to the idea" of being abducted.

"I don't like it, but there's nothing I can do about it, as far as I can see," she says. "If they were going to hurt me, I think they would have done it a long time ago."

She knows what the skeptics say. But, she says, they don't give people enough credit for knowing the difference between what's actually happened to them and what they might have imagined. Lea says she was never abused as a child. She says she has no reason to make up a story so crazy and bizarre.

Why does she think the aliens chose her?

"I have no idea," she says. "I don't know who they are, where they come from, what they're doing, nothing."

"I just want people to understand that this is real, this is happening. It's out there, and you're going to have to accept it sooner or later."

Lea's ordeal continues.

The Custodians: Beyond Abduction

Keepers of the Garden

Earth: An Alien Enterprise: The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-Up in Human History

The Andreasson Affair: The True Story of a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind