Monday, July 16, 2018

Bottomland Bigfoot in Eastern Kansas

I received the following report in 2014:

I just subscribed to your newsletter. I'm writing about a Bigfoot encounter I had when I was younger.

When I was in high school, my uncle and I would hunt deer and turkey in eastern Kansas. In 1999 we were near the Marais Des Cygnes Refuge bow hunting for deer in a swampy woodland area. We had been in the same location before and familiar with the layout. Both of us had portable tree stands overlooking the bottom land.

We had been in our stands for about an hour, it was early morning but I don't remember the time. My uncle was to the right of me about 50 yards, so we could both see anything moving below. I heard splashing from his direction and notice him waving at me. The splashing was getting louder. I first thought it may be a small herd of deer moving my way. As I looked through the thickets, I noticed something tall and bulky standing beside a tree. I then saw something similar a few feet away from the other figure. I looked over at my uncle. He was crouched down and still. The two figures started to move towards me. Then one worked it's way into a clearing and I was able to get a good look. It was definitely a Bigfoot and it was huge. It was around 8 ft tall and covered head to toe in matted muddy dark hair. It was reaching into the water and putting whatever it found in it's mouth. I didn't see the other Bigfoot. It must have moved off in the other direction.

I was as still as possible, though I was shaking. This Bigfoot was no more than 100 ft from me though I was 12 foot in the tree. I must have watched it for 10 minutes or so as it waded through the water eating whatever it pulled out. It eventually walked away from us towards the woods on the opposite rise. My uncle and I looked at each other, but didn't make a sound. I was ready to get out of there but he remained in his stand holding his hand palm out to let me know to hang on. I wasn't even thinking about hunting deer any further that day.

About 15-20 minutes had gone by. My uncle started moving off his stand. I did the same, dropping the ladder and climbing down. We walked towards each other and agreed to come back for the stands later. In fact, I didn't go back. That afternoon, my dad and grandfather went back with my uncle to look around and retrieve the stands. Both of them believed we saw the Bigfoot. My grandfather said he believes they were eating freshwater mussels and snails.

I never went back to that area, though I still hunt. That was the only time I have ever seen anything like that. I'd be interested to know of other witness sightings in eastern Kansas and western Missouri. I've heard many stories but nothing recent. Chad

NOTE: I made contact with Chad this morning. His story seemed credible and he agreed to let me publish it. He no longer lives in Kansas, but has gone back to hunt for deer and turkey. I believe this may have been the first report I have received from Kansas, though I have read other accounts over the years. Lon

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Monday, July 9, 2018

The Conventry Street Vampire

Though the legend of the Highgate ‘vampire’ continues to intrigue and be discussed, something just as wicked occurred several decades before, in the West End at Coventry Street.

In 1922 a giant bat-like creature had been seen in the vicinity of West Drayton Church. An old man who claimed he had seen the giant bat twenty-five years previously, maintained that it was the spirit of a vampire who had murdered a woman to drink her blood in Harmondsworth in the 1890s. No one took the oldster's tale seriously. Then, on the 16th April 1922 so began a series of attacks on the general public which bore all the marks of a blood-sucking assailant. Several people witnessed a tall black creature with wings (similar to Mothman) flying around a church.They say that it went into the church cemeteries and ran around the graves. Two policemen chased it and it let out an awful scream and flew away. For a short period, the bustling metropolis of London was on vampire alert.

It was 6am and a local clerk was walking to work, heading down Coventry Street. Suddenly he was accosted from the shadows by an unseen form which bit him in the throat. The man collapsed unconscious to the floor, and awoke in Charing Cross Hospital where he told the surgeons of his grim encounter. His tale seemed too far-fetched to the doctors, they believed he’d been stabbed in the neck. Then, just over two hours later, another attack took place. A second man was rushed to the hospital and had the same encounter to speak of as blood trickled from his throat. He’d been attacked by an invisible predator at exactly the same spot.

As the hospital staff attempted to solve the mystery, during late evening another man was attacked, his throat punctured by an unseen assailant at exactly the same spot – the turning just off Coventry Street. The police could not fathom as to what had happened and the press were quick to lap up the grisly rumors that a vampire-like attacker was on the loose, with the Daily Mail reporting on the sinister encounters. A reporter boldly and yet sarcastically asked the police if a vampire could be on the loose, and the officer replied nervously, “That’s all!” and left the conference.

As hysteria rose in the area. There was a rumor that the police hired a vampire hunter, where he chased the being and stabbed him in the heart with a stake. The corpse being taken to Highgate Cemetery - soon after the attacks stopped.

The story may sound like a piece of horror fiction, but how uncanny that a handful of decades later a bizarre, vampire-like spectre would be seen to haunt and attack within the confines of the gloomy cemetery. You may want to read London's Prince of Darkness - The Highgate Vampire

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